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When it was first announced that US network CBS was to adapt the Sherlock Holmes stories into a new series, Elementary, there was a collective sigh this side of the pond. Fresh from the success of BBC1’s Sherlock and Robert Downey Jr’s box office incarnation, did we really need another version of Arthur Conan Doyle’s super sleuth?

Three years on, Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu have proved us all wrong. Their acerbic partnership has delighted viewers for three series as Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson crime-solve their way across New York City. But with Martin Freeman’s memorable Watson on British screens – and Jude Law’s moustachioed side-kick lighting up the silver screen – does Liu ever feel the pressure to make her female number two stand out from the crowd?


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Lucy Liu is famous for many reasons – for playing a Charlie’s Angel, and also the bitchy Ling Woo in Ally McBeal, before nailing it as a badass assassin in Kill Bill. She most recently landed the part of Sherlock Holmes’ first female number two in US television series Elementary. We’ve seen her as many different guises, but never as a bristly, strict, clucking Japanese tutor, set on making her young charge princess perfect.

It might seem an unlikely casting, and it isn’t a lead role, but the part in question was for Studio Ghibli – a cult Japanese animation film studio, famed for its originality, creativity and imagination. Stars rarely turn down the opportunity to feature in its films and alumni include Christian Bale, Lauren Bacall, Matt Damon, Shia LaBeouf, Billy Crystal, Uma Thurman and Kirstin Dunst.


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[005] February 14th, 2013
[022] July 10th, 2013
[013] November 15th, 2013

Also on March 11th, Lucy debuted her official site, which can be found at lucyliu.net.

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[052] March 20th, 2012
[031] August 7th, 2012
[003] August 27th, 2012

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[007] CBS Watch October 2012
[009] Easy Living November 2012
[005] Inland Empire November 2012
[004] Michigan Avenue November 2012

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[007] February 9th – Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2014 – Edun
[030] April 29th – 68th Annual Tony Award Nominations

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[019] May 13th – 2013 American Ballet Theatre Opening Night Spring Gala
[015] May 15th – 2013 CBS Upfront
[029] June 4th – 2013 BAM Ignite Gala

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