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[112] February 25th – 2012 Film Independent Spirit Awards
[004] July 29th – 2012 TCA Summer Press Tour – CBS Photo Call
[165] July 29th – 2012 TCA Summer Tour – CBS, Showtime & The CW Party
[036] November 8th – 2012 Women For Women International Gala
[031] December 13th – 2012 New York Women In Film & Television Muse Awards

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“Solve For X” – When a well-respected mathematician is found dead, Holmes and Watson set out to solve a murder and the purpose of the highly guarded equation he was trying to decipher. Meanwhile, Watson is conflicted when the son of a former patient approaches her for a loan, on a rebroadcast of ELEMENTARY, Thursday, Jan. 16 (10:01 – 11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.


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Lucy Liu calls her role in Elementary “a nice break”. Not because shooting 24 episodes per series of the US Sherlock Holmes update isn’t hard work but because, so far, it’s been a little less physically demanding than the parts she’s used to.

Liu plays former doctor Joan Watson – partner in crime-solving to Jonny Lee Miller’s detective – in the CBS series, a relatively sedate entry on an acting CV that includes Samurai sword-wielding O-Ren Ishii in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill, high-kicking Alex Munday in Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle and numerous other martial arts and action movies.

And the 45-year-old star says her body bears the marks of those very physical roles – not to mention the operations needed to repair them.

“I have enough scars and grazes now,” says Liu. “You know how when kids are growing up, you have little lines on your wall to show hold tall they are? I can show the different career paths I have taken through surgeries.

“I have been doing two decades of action, so [Elementary] is a little bit of a nice break for me.”

But part-way through the second season of the show Joan is now a full-time consulting detective, a job that increasingly sees her cross paths with dangerous criminals. And Liu hints that her former fighting skills might yet be put to good use in Elementary.

“I think it would be a little bit unbelievable for a doctor to start wielding a sword,” she admits, “so we have to sort of work that in.

“In the first couple of episodes, they have shown [Joan] using one baton – we did three or four hits, that was it, nothing major – but I think that might be something the writers were showing the audience, that she has been practicing outside of it.

“So if she suddenly has some defence techniques, don’t be surprised.”


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TELEVISION > Elementary > Season 2 > Episode Screencaps

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PUBLIC APPEARANCES > 2013 > Arriving at “The Late Show With David Letterman” – Oct 9
PUBLIC APPEARANCES > 2013 > “Elementary” Press Conference – Sept 29
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PUBLIC APPEARANCES > 2013 > “Elementary” – 2013 PaleyFest: Made In New York – Oct 5

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Elementary star Lucy Liu revealed that she enjoys putting on makeup because she loves “how it can transform the way you look and feel” in a recent interview for Thandie Newton and Kay Montano’s website ThandieKay. She recalled early memories of watching her mother apply beauty products in front of a vanity mirror, and remembers her applying a moisturizer, a swipe of eyeliner, and lipstick as a part of her routine.

Liu’s ultimate beauty tip has nothing to do with eyeliner or lipstick: exercise and eat well. She says she feels the most beautiful when she’s been keeping up with healthy living habits.

What’s something that doesn’t make Lucy Liu feel amazing? Artificially darkening her skin too much, which Liu admitted was her worst beauty mishap. “I look back now and just think it looks so unnatural,” she says.

Makeup artist Margina Dennis told Daily Glow that yellow-toned base foundations and concealers look the best on Asian skin tones like Liu’s. To find the best match when shopping for foundation, she recommends swiping three colors that are tonally different (pink, neutral/beige, and yellow) along the jawline. The one that matches will blend in, while the others will look slightly off. In order to achieve a smooth and even application, Dennis recommends moisturizing the skin before applying and using a makeup primer.


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She obviously couldn’t accept the award in Seoul because she’s working for the next ten months, so she taped this message from New York:

“Hi! I am so thrilled to be accepting the Seoul International Award for Best Actress. It is a huge honor for me, and I was incredibly surprised when I found out that I had won.

“For me, it’s really special to be playing such a classic character. Being somebody who is a woman and someone who is Asian, it’s especially an honor to be a part of such a wonderful production.

“I would like to thank CBS, Rob Doherty, who is the creator of the show, and Carl Beverly, who is the producer. And of course I want to thank Jonny Lee Miller, who is my co-star and someone who brings out the best in me every single day.

“I want to thank all my fans in Korea who have given me the opportunity to get to where I am today. So I want to send my gratitude, my appreciation, and my love to all of you. I will cherish this award forever. Thank you again so much.”


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Unfortunately I can not embed the video as I hoped, but you can follow the source link to view it on their website!

“Elementary” Season 1 is coming to DVD with a bunch of extras. One of those extras is the featurette, “A Holmes of Their Own.” Watch Lucy Liu talk about characters — especially Watson — in this exclusive video preview.

In the video, Liu talks about her first impressions of the “Elementary” characters from when she got the earliest scripts. Needless to say, she was impressed. The actress also discusses the kind of research she does in order to get ready for playing a new character.

What are some of the highlights?

Liu was strongly impressed that the creators of “Elementary” were willing to let Holmes be a full-on drug addict (albeit a recovering one).
“I think the simpler you play a character, sometimes, the better.” This seems like it would make sense.
The fact that someone got Lucy Liu to sit outside and give an interview when snow was falling is just plain impressive. It looks kind of cool too.

This video will be available as part of “Elementary – The First Season on DVD,” starting on Aug. 27. “Elementary” Season 2 premieres Thursday, Sept. 26 at 10pm on CBS.


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